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These are some selected clients with some notable projects that we have carried out:

Vodacom Tanzania

Vodacom Tanzania Limited has contracted InfoWise to develop, implement and support

  • MPESA integrations systems for third parties sending transactions into MPESA and getting MPESA transaction notifications from MPESA
  • MPESA real-time additional notification of subscribers and transaction forwarding to other systems
  • System to facilitate business partner to place sales orders, manage the products that they buy and business partner track lifetime of subscribers they enrol
  • Subscriber registration system supporting electronic and manual registration

Vodacom Mozambique

Vodacom Mozambique has contracted InfoWise to develop, implement and support

  • MPESA ATM integration gateway to facilitate subcriber withdrawal using banks ATM outlets
  • MPESA real-time reporting system to forward transaction details to other systems

Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA)

VETA has contracted InfoWise to develop, implement and support their  management information system (VETMIS) that facilitates management of students in their centres (application, selection, admission/enrollment, continuous assessment, final assessment and certification, payments, attendance, human resources, library, etc) and enable the zonal and headquarters staff to facilitate, monitor and manage the various centres' activities. The system offer a wealth of printable documents and reports for student centre, zonal and VETA headquarters consumption

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA)

TCRA contracted InfoBridge Consultants Ltd (and InfoWise being part of the project consortium) to develop and implement the National Addressing and Postcode System (NAPS). The system facilitates allocation of postcodes to admnistrative locations (regions, districts wards, etc) and registration of physical addresses for Tanzanians (individuals and institutions/businesses). The system allows general public to access the addresses and allow the local government authority to manage the maps, address and addressee information. The system is available online here

Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF)

We have developed and hosted a online geographic reporting link to TASAF II project data. The system shows various village projects and their financing from TASAF. System aggregates the data into wards, district and regional project statistics and finances on tabular data and maps. The system is available online here

CRDB Insurance Brokers (under CRBB Microfinance Service Company Ltd)

CRDB MFSL (a subsidiary of CRDB Bank PLC) contracted InfoWise to supply and customise iBroker to be used to manage their insurance business across all CRDB bank branches.

Various Insurance Brokers

The following are insurance brokers that are using our iBroker product: